Advantages of our greenhouses
Durable polycarbonate
Our greenhouses have a robust and durable construction. Polycarbonate reliably protects vegetables and seedlings from heavy rain and hail. You can be sure of the safety of your harvest
Our greenhouses do not rust and are made of steel parts, galvanized outside and inside. The frame does not require additional processing.
Double-sided galvanized
Build is easy
Simple and fast build that does not require professional skills. Polycarbonate is 16 times lighter than glass. So, the structure can be easily moved around the site
Our polycarbonate has good light transmission and UV protection, which will allow you to grow big crops.
UV protection
Crops doubles
Due to the features of our innovative design, we guarantee you an increase in yield. Thanks to right ventilation, the risk of late blight will decrease.
Natural pollination and watering
Sliding roof and walls of the greenhouse allow natural rainwater irrigation and access of insects necessary for plants
Protection against snow pressure and icing
Sliding roof eliminates snow load and provides the soil with the necessary snow cover
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