Plastic garden bed with micro-stream irrigation
Gaspadynya-universal modular garden bed of premium class with the function of micro-stream irrigation

Novelty for 2020!

The Gaspadynya garden bed is:

- extremely durable and reliable construction. The strength of the garden bed is achieved by rigidly attaching its sides to steel corner connectors. There is the possibility of reinforcing the sides with a steel strip, steel corner or square pipe with a section of 15x15mm. It greatly reduces the possibility of garden bed deformation due to soil pressure.

- durability and aesthetic appearance. The sides of the garden bed are made of PVC. This material is resistant to the effects of fungi, mold, insects and adverse weather conditions (heat, cold, atmospheric precipitation). With careful handling, the service life of such sides is like the service life of plastic windows.

- ease of build. The process of building the garden bed takes only a few minutes. The build can be carried out directly on the personal land and does not require special devices

- universality. The modular principle makes it possible to connect individual garden beds with each other. You can build on their basis the garden beds with the sizes that are best suited to solving your problems

- the function of micro-stream watering of plants. The special design of the sides makes it possible to implement an original irrigation system.

A round chamber in the upper part of the side serves as a way for the passage of water. Plants are watered through rows of micro-holes along the entire length of the garden bed. Special connectors provide reliable and tight connections between the water lines of the garden bed sides. The inlet connector has a standard 1/2' diameter shank to connect to a typical quick-disconnect coupling of garden hose.

Characteristics and completeness. Our specialists have developed 2 types of modules - basic and additional.

You can watch a video about the Gaspadynya Garden bed at the following link:
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