Greenhouse T34
This is a unique greenhouse, as it opens doors and vents, sides and roof

The greenhouse is installed on a foundation made of 100mm * 50mm beam. The foundation is treated with environmentally friendly impregnation. So we thereby exclude the possibility of rotting as much as possible.

The greenhouse frame is double (2 welded together arcs ). It undergoes galvanic treatment "zinc plating". The frame is assembled on crab joints, which gives significant rigidity to the structure.

The greenhouse is made of a lightweight and durable metal profile. Galvanized steel with a protective anti-corrosion coating is used as a material for this type of greenhous A design feature is that the sides open in the greenhouse, in turn or simultaneously. The greenhouse polycarbonate is durable with an UV protection coating. Plastic handles are durable, easy to use and do not violate the aesthetic appearance of the greenhouse.

With our greenhouse the care for plants will be easy. The greenhouse T34 provides the natural watering and pollination of plants.Ventilation system according to the Mittlider method. Sliding roof allows protect the soil with snow cover and avoid snow pressure and icing.Use it to extend the growing season past the first frost, overwinter dormant plants, give seedlings an early start, harden off young seedlings, or protect sensitive plants from extreme weather conditions. Perfect fit for a first-time grower or seasoned gardener.

Dimensions: Height 2,1m; Width 3m; Length 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m

Attention! The length of the base greenhouse is 402 cm, and the extensions are 200 cm each. Take this into account when preparing your own foundation.

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